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Advantages and disadvantages of polypropylene PP materials

September 28, 2023

Advantages of polypropylene PP material:

1. The mechanical properties of polypropylene PP material are better than those of PE, ABS and PS at normal temperature. Especially when the temperature exceeds 80°C, its mechanical properties will not drop much.


2. The surface hardness of polypropylene PP material is not as good as that of PS and ABS, but it is higher than PE and has excellent surface gloss. Therefore, it can be used in products such as home appliance casings.


3. The biggest feature of polypropylene PP material is its good resistance to bending fatigue; living hinges produced from polypropylene can withstand hundreds of thousands of folding and bending without damage. Therefore, it is called baizhejiao.


4. The advantage of polypropylene PP material is that it can withstand boiling water without being damaged. Therefore, it is suitable for making medical equipment and tableware.


5. The tensile strength of polypropylene PP material is very different in the longitudinal and transverse directions. Therefore, it has good fiber-forming properties and is suitable for making fibers and ropes.


6. Polypropylene PP material is acid and alkali resistant, resistant to many organic solvents, and has excellent electrical insulation properties.


Disadvantages of polypropylene PP material:

1. The biggest disadvantage of polypropylene PP material is that it has insufficient rigidity at high temperatures and becomes brittle at low temperatures.


2. Poor environmental resistance, easy to turn yellow and discolored when used outdoors.


3. The anisotropy of tensile strength is large, the product is easy to deform, the continuous use temperature is low, the creep performance is large, and it is not resistant to long-term load.


4. Poor printing performance.