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Analysis and improvement method of CNC parts poor aperture

June 16, 2023

Cause: When the engineering was replacing the tool with a new one, there was residual debris and foreign matter in the chucking head of the machine, and the foreign matter was not cleaned thoroughly. After the tool is removed, the tool swings, resulting in abnormal hole diameter.


Reason for outflow: During the first inspection of the engineering inspection, the aperture size only uses the two-dimensional projection to detect its main size, and does not confirm the aperture with a needle gauge, resulting in poor production aperture. to ship The sampling ratio is small and no such adverse phenomenon has been confirmed.


1. The quality department arranges worker to fully inspect the aperture size to ensure that products with defective apertures will no longer flow out.

2. Re-clamp the clamping tools of all the machines in production, confirm that the debris and foreign objects in the clamping head are cleaned up, then clamp the tools, and follow up the effect during the first piece inspection.

3. The random inspection of shipments by the quality department is to ensure that all apertures are inspected with pin gauges, and shipments can only be made after ensuring that the apertures are correct.

4. The quality department conducts a full inspection of the shipping aperture for one week, and cancels the full inspection after confirming that there are no defective products.