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Application scopes of rivet nut

January 15, 2024

Rivet nuts are mainly used in non structural load-bearing bolt connections, such as the connection of interior components such as rail cars, highway buses, and ships. The specifications of rivet nuts in the national standard range from M3 to M12. In fact, it is recommended to use M6 and M8 because small threads can be directly threaded on the substrate. If the thread is larger, the weight of the bolt will increase significantly, and the connection strength of the rivet nut will increase limited, which means the matching is not very reasonable.


Rivet nuts can be widely used on aluminum alloy substrates of different thicknesses or steel plates with a thickness of 1-2.5mm. Especially for the connection of steel rivet nuts in aluminum alloy components, the cumbersome process of embedding steel plates inside is eliminated, and its processability is significantly improved.