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Causes and improvement methods of common failure analysis of CNC: poor size, cracks, scratches, etc

July 21, 2023

1. Sampling inspection of incoming materials for severe scratches or small size

Improvement measures: random inspection of incoming materials to prevent bad products from being put on the machine is a waste of manpower, material and financial resources, and bad products are returned to the process.


2. Correct operating gestures and operating procedures to avoid a decline in yield rate and efficiency in the subsequent production process

Improvement measures: operate in strict accordance with the operation instructions or strengthen training for employees at an appropriate time.


3. Cracking

Improvement measures:

1. The incoming material is special-shaped and exceeds the cutting amount stipulated by CNC.

2. Improve the width and depth of the existing fixture ventilation tank to be limited to 1MM.

3. The tool is seriously worn, replace the tool.


4. Collapse

Improvement measures:

1. The program is optimized.

2. Whether it is caused by the tool, replace the tool.

3. Add appropriate amount of cutting fluid.

4. The speed is under program control and at %100.


5. Scratch

Improvement measures:

1. To improve the width and depth of the existing fixture ventilation tank is limited to 1MM (protective film has been attached).

2. Check incoming materials.

3. The correct discharging gesture avoids friction with the fixture (see the work instruction for details).

4. Carry out interlaced racks to avoid collisions between loading and unloading materials.

5. The protective film is replaced once in a shift.

6 The cutting fluid should be completely replaced at least once a month.


6. Yin and yang edge

Improvement measures:

1. The adjustment machine should adhere to the principle of confirming, confirming and reconfirming in production.

2. The self-inspection manager conducts inspections every 2 hours during production.

3. Clean the fixture surface every 10 minutes.

4. The tool is seriously worn, replace the tool.


7. Bad size

Improvement measures:

After the size adjustment, the machine should be confirmed by projection before production.

The size is a minefield for CNC, because there is no process of detecting the size in the later process, and the products with poor size
once the product flows into the customer, the consequences will be disastrous.


8. Not turning

Improvement measures:

1. Correct operation gestures.

2. Corner wear.

3. Insufficient air pressure leads to displacement.