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Characteristics and uses, advantages and disadvantages of PB-1 plastic material

February 21, 2024

Scientific name



Polybutene-1 is a polycrystalline crystalline plastic that resembles polypropylene and polyethylene in appearance. It is a white woody material that forms transparent to semi transparent products based on its different crystallinity. Lightweight, with a specific gravity smaller than water.


Polybutene-1-a gas produced in petroleum refining.

Combustion characteristics

Polypropylene is relatively easy to burn, and continues to burn after leaving the flame. The upper end of the flame is yellow, while the lower end is blue, with a small amount of black smoke produced. During combustion, it melts and drips, emitting a petroleum odor.


The mechanical properties of polybutene-1 have outstanding resistance to stress cracking, which is much better than other olefins. Can be used for a long time between -30 ℃ and 100 ℃; Its mechanical strength is higher than polypropylene. It is also relatively resistant to low temperatures, acid and alkali, and is resistant to most organic solvents at temperatures below 80 ℃.

Suitable for use

Due to its outstanding stress cracking resistance, its greatest function is to make large pipelines, stress cracking resistant pads, rings, etc.

Injection molding characteristics

Similar to polypropylene.