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Characteristics and uses, advantages and disadvantages of PC-PBT hybrid plastic materials

February 26, 2024

PC-PBT is a blend material of PC and PBT. It is usually blended and supplied in the form of pellets. If the two materials are simply mixed and then injected directly, the effect will be very poor and delamination will occur.


The advantage of PC is that it is rigid and tough at room temperature, but at high temperatures, thermal deformation is serious. The disadvantages are stress cracking and high viscosity, the advantage of PBT is that its rigidity is not affected by temperature and its deformation is small, in this way, the blended material PC-PBT retains the advantages of both.


PC-PBT has high surface hardness, high rigidity and toughness, high resistance to high temperature deformation, and high resistance to stress cracking, its mechanical properties are between the two.


Resistance to high-temperature deformation is of great significance for large-shaped shell materials.