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Characteristics and uses of NORYL plastic materials, advantages

February 28, 2024

Scientific name

Modified polyphenylene ether


The mechanical properties of NORYL are similar to PC, but it has several obvious advantages over PC:
1. PC is easily decomposed by water, but NORYL has no change in mechanical properties after repeated sterilization in boiling water and steam.
2. NORYL’s dielectric properties are stable and will not change due to changes in the environment.
3. NORYL can be electroplated and printed
4. NORYL is a modified product of PPO, and its heat distortion temperature is greatly reduced.

Injection molding performance

Similar to PC.


Due to the above advantages, NORYL is most suitable for making precision electrical components under humid conditions (because it has good mechanical properties and stable dimensions like PC), is used to withstand cooking, and can be used for medical equipment, food utensils and water distillation for water treatment. Equipment components can replace PC, PA, and POM to machining mechanical parts.