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Characteristics of wire thread inserts

December 22, 2023

(1) The diameter of the wire thread insert in the free state is slightly larger than the diameter of the screw hole it is inserted into. During assembly, the wire thread insert is torqued by a special wrench to make the diameter smaller, and then enters the screw hole that has been tapped with a special tap. After being installed, the wire thread sleeve produces a spring-like expansion effect, making it firmly fixed in the threaded hole and will never be brought out when the screw is unscrewed.


(2) Increase the load-bearing capacity and fatigue strength of threaded connections: the wire thread insert forms an elastic connection between the screw and the internal thread hole for installing the wire thread insert, thereby eliminating the screw torque and tooth profile half-angle error between the internal and external threads, and can The load on each thread is evenly distributed over the specified length, thereby strengthening the internal thread and reducing vibration, thus improving the fatigue strength of the threaded connection of the parts.


(3) Wear resistance: the wire thread sleeve is precisely wound from extremely hard cold-rolled stainless steel wire. The hardness of the spiral surface can reach HRC43~50. The mirror-like surface (smoothness can reach 2~4μm) reduces friction and wear. , can reduce the torque generated by friction on the screw by 90%, thereby obtaining the maximum pre-tightening torque and screw tension with the minimum tightening torque of the screw, preventing the screw from loosening, and keeping the screws of various materials in the best use condition.


(4) Corrosion resistance: due to the excellent corrosion resistance of stainless steel wire thread inserts, it can ensure its performance under a variety of materials and normal environmental conditions. Assemblies using steel wire thread inserts will not stagnate or rust.


(5) Heat resistance: steel wire thread sleeves can prevent threaded connections from getting stuck or scratched at high temperatures.


(6) Material saving: compared with ordinary standard internal threads, under the same strength conditions, after using wire thread inserts, in order to make best use of the yield limit, screws with smaller size and higher strength can be used, so that It can save a lot of materials, reduce weight and reduce size.


(7) The locking wire thread insert can lock the screw in the threaded hole, preventing the screw from loosening and falling off when subjected to vibration and impact, and has better technological performance than ordinary locking devices. The locking wire thread insert can be disassembled and assembled multiple times without reducing the thread torque, and it also has high reusability.