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Chrome - chrome plated anode

September 6, 2023

Different from general electroplating, chromium plating uses insoluble anodes such as lead and lead alloys. This is determined by the particularity of the chromium plating process. 1. If chromium is used as anode in chromium plating, the anode current efficiency is close to 100%, and the high cathode current efficiency is only 8%~~13%, and the concentration of chromium will continue to increase; 2. Chromium plating is directly reduced by hexavalent chromium, and chromium The chromium dissolved in the anode is in different valence states, and the trivalent chromium is the main one, which will lead to a rapid increase of trivalent chromium and a continuous decrease of hexavalent chromium, resulting in failure; 3. Metal chromium is very brittle and difficult to form and machine.