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Chrome - types of chrome plating

September 5, 2023

Decorative chrome plating is the most widely used chrome plating process. The characteristics of decorative chrome plating are: 1. The plating layer is required to be bright. 2. The covering ability of the plating solution should be good, and the main surface of the part should be covered with chromium. 3. The thickness of the plating layer should be thin. Protective-decorative chrome plating is widely used in exposed parts in automobiles, bicycles, daily hardware products, household appliances, instruments, machinery, and ship cabins. Polished chrome layer It has a high reflection coefficient and can be used as a reflector.


Hard chromium: The chromium coating deposited under the conditions has very high hardness and wear resistance. The Vickers hardness of hard chromium reaches 900~~1200kg/mm2. Chromium is the hardest coating among commonly used coatings, which can improve the durability of parts. Wear resistance, extended service life.


Milky white chromium plating: The milky white matte chromium obtained at higher temperature (65~~75OC) and lower current density (20±5A/dm2) is called milky white chromium. The coating has good toughness, low hardness, few pores, small cracks, soft color, and good deactivation performance. It is often used for chromium plating on measuring tools, graduation plates, instrument panels, etc.


Porous chrome plating: usually after hard chrome, the coarse cracks in the chromium layer are further widened and deepened chemically or electrochemically so as to absorb more lubricating grease and improve its wear resistance. This is called porous chromium. The loose hole chromium plating layer is used in sliding friction parts under heavy pressure and heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant parts, such as internal combustion engine cylinder chambers, piston rings, etc.


Black chromium: In the chromium plating that does not contain sulfate and contains a catalyst, a pure black chromium layer can be plated. It is mainly composed of chromium oxide, so it has excellent corrosion resistance and deactivation properties. It is used in aviation, optical instruments, solar absorption panels and protection and decoration of daily necessities.