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CNC machining knowledge - process knowledge

October 17, 2023

1. Holes with an accuracy less than 0.05 cannot be milled and require CNC processing, if it is a through hole, wire cutting can also be done.

2. The fine hole (through hole) after quenching needs wire cutting processing, the blind hole needs rough machining before quenching and finishing after quenching. Non-precision holes can be in place before quenching (leaving a quenching allowance of 0.2 per side).


3. Slots with a width of less than 2MM require wire cutting processing, and deep slots of 3-4MM also require wire cutting processing.

4. The minimum allowance for rough machining of quenched parts is 0.4, and the allowance for rough machining of non-quenched parts is 0.2.

5. The thickness of the coating is generally 0.005-0.008, and the processing should be based on the dimensions before plating.