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CNC Machining Operation Instructions

July 26, 2023

1. The operator should check whether the machine table, tools and work surface are clean.

2. Check whether the oil supply system and ventilation system are normal.

3. There should be no flammable and explosive items in the machine (such as rags, sundries, etc.)

4. When processing, first solidify the workpiece and check whether the tool is consistent.

5. Close the warehouse door tightly, start debugging, pay attention to the coordinate number (such as: G54, G55) and so on.

6. Set the X and Y axes to zero, press the ZERO DATUM control on the panel control box to set the Z axis to zero, and press P to enter the processing system program.

7. Import the process program number and start processing after confirming that it is correct.

8. Press F2 to enter the processing mode, press the switch to operate, and adjust according to the work requirements.

9. If there is no abnormal phenomenon during processing, the parameters cannot be adjusted.

10. During the processing, the processing status must be closely observed. If there is any abnormality, the machine should be stopped in time or corresponding measures should be taken to improve it.

11. After the workpiece is processed, self-inspection should be carried out to see if it meets the requirements of the drawing.

12. If there is any non-compliance, secondary processing must be carried out until it meets the requirements of the drawing.

13. After the processing is completed, turn off the power switch and clean the machine equipment.

14. Store the workpiece in the specified area during operation and mark it.




1. Pay attention to safe operation and refer to the "Safety Operation Manual".


2. Every time a product is processed, the operator should do a self-inspection, and report any problems to the team leader or section chief in time.


3. The equipment should be regularly maintained, checked and recorded.


4. During the operation, it is strictly forbidden to wear gloves, and protective goggles should be worn.