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Commonly used materials for stamping

October 25, 2023

Material requirements for stamping process:
1. First of all, the requirements for the use of stamping parts must be met: strength, stiffness, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, importance, corrosion resistance, etc.
2. To meet the stamping process conditions, it should have good plasticity, surface quality, and sheet thickness.


Types, properties and specifications of commonly used materials for stamping:


Sheet materials for stamping Black metal Carbon structural steel plate such as Q234
    High-quality carbon structural steel plates such as 08F
    Low alloy structural steel plates such as Q345, Q295
    Electrical silicon steel plate such as D12, D41
    Stainless steel plate such as ICN18NI9TI
  Nonferrous metal Pure copper plate such as T1, T2
    Brass plate such as H62, H68
    Aluminum plate such as 1050A (23), 1035 (L4)
    Titanium alloy plate
    Nickel copper all gold plate
  Nonmetal Insulating bakelite board
    Rubber roard
    Plexiglass laminate