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Defects in stamping parts and preventive measures

January 19, 2024

Reasons for scrap:

1. Poor quality of raw materials.

2. Improper installation, adjustment, and use of stamping dies.

3. The operator did not correctly feed the strip along the positioning or did not ensure that the strip was fed with a certain gap.

4. Due to long-term use, the die may experience changes in clearance or wear of its own working and guiding parts.

5. Due to prolonged impact and vibration, the fastening parts of the stamping die become loose, causing relative changes in the installation positions of the stamping die.

6. The operator's negligence in not following the operating procedures.



1. The raw materials must comply with the specified technical conditions (strictly inspect the specifications and grades of the raw materials, and if conditions permit, conduct laboratory tests on workpieces with high dimensional accuracy and surface quality requirements).

2. Each link specified in the process regulations should be fully and strictly followed.

3. The press and stamping equipment used should be ensured to work in normal working conditions.

4. Establish a strict inspection system during the production process. The first piece of stamped parts must be thoroughly inspected and can only be put into production after passing the inspection. At the same time, strengthen inspections and handle accidents in a timely manner.

5. Adhere to a civilized production system, such as using suitable workstation tools for the transportation of workpieces and billets, otherwise the surface of workpieces will be crushed and scratched, affecting their surface quality.

6. During the stamping process, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the mold cavity, and the workplace should be organized in an orderly manner. The processed workpieces should be placed neatly.