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Defects in stamping parts and preventive measures

January 23, 2024

Bending deformation of punched parts:

The clearance force and reaction force do not generate torque on the same line. When the gap between the convex and concave molds is too large and the concave mold edge has a reverse taper, or when the contact area between the ejector and the workpiece is too small, warping deformation occurs.



1. The punching gap should be selected reasonably.

2. In the mold structure, a pressure plate (or support plate) should be added, and the plate should be in contact with the plane of the pressure plate and have a certain amount of pressure.

3. If any reverse taper is found on the concave die edge, the die edge must be adjusted appropriately.

4. If the cutting force is increased due to the uneven shear force when the shape of the punched part is complex and there are many inner holes, the strip material should be compressed or high-precision press should be used for punching before punching.

5. The sheet metal should be leveled before punching. If the warping deformation cannot be eliminated, the workpiece after punching can be leveled again using a leveling die.

6. Regularly clean the dirt inside the mold cavity, lubricate the surface of the thin sheet material, and install oil vent holes on the mold structure.