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Defects in stamping parts and preventive measures

January 25, 2024

Defects Reasons Measures
Unqualified size and shape when bending parts. Material rebound.

1. Select stamping materials with high elastic modulus and low yield point, which have relatively stable mechanical properties.

2. Add calibration procedures and use calibration bending instead of free bending.

3. Before bending, the material should be annealed to soften the cold work hardening material before bending to form it.

4. If shape deformation occurs during the stamping process and is difficult to eliminate; The slope between the convex and concave molds should be replaced or adjusted, and the gap between the convex and concave molds should be equal to the minimum material thickness.

5. Increase the contact area between the concave die and the workpiece, and reduce the contact area between the convex die and the workpiece.

6. Adopt the method of "overcorrection" to reduce the impact of rebound.

  The locator is worn and deformed, resulting in inaccurate positioning of the strip material, and a new locator must be replaced.  
  In an unguided bending die, improper adjustment of the lower dead center position of the press slider during adjustment on the press can also result in unqualified shape and size of the bent part.  
  The pressing device of the mold is malfunctioning or does not have a pressing effect at all. It is necessary to readjust the pressing force or replace the pressure spring to make it work normally.