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Defects in stamping parts and preventive measures

January 26, 2024


Defects Reasons Measures
Cracks occur in the bending part of the bent part (the internal stress in the bending deformation zone exceeds the strength limit of the material). 1. Eliminate burrs on the outside of the curved area, as burrs can cause stress concentration in that area.

1. Reduce bending deformation.

2. Remove burrs from this area.

3. Place the side with burrs on the inside of the curved area.

  2.It is best to make the bending direction perpendicular to the fiber direction (rolling direction) of the material when bending the workpiece.  
  3. The bending radius should not be too small, and the fillet radius should be increased as much as possible when the quality allows.  
  4. The surface of the bent billet should be smooth and free of obvious protrusions and scars.  
  5. During bending, an intermediate annealing process is used to eliminate internal stress, and the softened bending rarely produces cracks.  
  6.When bending, it is necessary to apply lubricant to large bent parts to reduce friction during the bending process.