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Differences in models of pressure riveting screws

January 6, 2024

1. Round head riveting screw: FH-M3-6-ZC
A. Materials are divided into: steel - FH stainless steel - FHS aluminum - FHA.
B. The bottom hole is the same as the thread (for example, M3 bottom hole is 3.0MM, M2.5 bottom hole is 2.5MM).
C. Round head diameter of riveting screws: M2.5 —Φ4.1MM, M3--Φ4.6MM, M3.5 —Φ5.3MM, M4 —Φ5.9MM, M5 —Φ6.5MM, M6 —Φ8.2MM , M8 —Φ9.6MM.
D. Metric pressure riveting screws: the length is directly the marked length code: such as FH-M3-6, the length is 6MM.


Description of the representation method of pressure riveting screws, taking FHS-M3-8-ZI as an example:
1. The material is stainless steel.
2. The thread specification is M3.
3. The screw length is 8MM.
4. The surface treatment is white zinc-plated pressure riveting screws.


2. Hexagon head riveting screw: NFH-M3-12-ZC
A. The materials are divided into: steel-NFH stainless steel-NFHS. Hexagonal head riveting screws are relatively rarely used.


3. Inch pressure riveting screws: FH-832-6-ZI