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Does CNC Machining Only Process Semi-finished Products?

March 17, 2022

About CNC machining, some clients may have some misunderstandings. Client believe that in the process, only semi-finished products can be processed. It is necessary to process the raw materials to a certain extent, and then the effect of mechanical processing can be achieved during processing. This is wrong.


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In the process, there are many companies that process from raw materials. When the raw materials are processed, various products can also be manufactured, which can ensure that these products can meet the needs of client after the manufacturing is completed. In the process, the procurement requirements for raw materials are very high, which doesn't mean that there are no requirements for the quality of raw materials.


Before purchasing the material, it is necessary to test the raw material 's hardness, including various components of the product, can meet the processing needs. Such raw materials will only be purchased if they can meet the company's standards. Only after the client has a clear understanding of machining, CNC machining will be more clearly. When custom machining parts, you will know which processing companies can have such a professional level. After the products are processed, they can guarantee the use effect of the products without any problems.