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Galvanized - sulfate galvanized

August 16, 2023

The dispersion capacity of sulfate zinc plating is worse than the above-mentioned zinc plating solutions, and the crystallization is coarse, in order to improve the performance of the plating solution, the introduction of Arabic gum or natural peach gum has the effect of refining the crystallization, but the supply is insufficient. For this reason, electroplating workers at home and abroad have recently developed brighteners composed of aromatic aldehydes or ketone sulfonates, polyether compounds and aromatic sulfonates, so that the bath and coating properties have been greatly improved, and the coating is fine and bright. Due to its low cost, high current efficiency, high current density and fast deposition speed, it is suitable for electroplating the inner wall of wire, strip, plate and pipe with simple shape. The pH value of the bath is low, and some have chloride, so it is corrosive to the equipment.


Composition of sulfate galvanized solution:

A, zinc sulfate is the main salt.

B, sodium sulfate, ammonium chloride are conductive salts.

C, aluminum sulfate, alum and boric acid are buffers.

D, dextrin for refining crystallization, increase the ability of powder.

E, zinc sulfide.