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Galvanized - zincate galvanized

August 11, 2023

The characteristics of zincate plating solution: 1. No highly toxic oxides are used, and the wastewater is easy to treat; 2. The coating has fine crystallization, good gloss, dispersion ability and deep plating ability close to oxidation plating solution, and is suitable for electroplating parts with complex shapes; 3. The bath is stable and easy to operate; 4. It is non-corrosive to the equipment; 5. The comprehensive economic benefits are good. This kind of plating solution also has slow deposition rate, narrow allowable temperature range (higher than 400C is not good), brittleness when the thickness exceeds 15um, casting and forging parts are difficult to electroplate, and irritating gas will escape during work, and ventilation devices must be installed and other shortcomings.


The composition of the zincate bath: A, zinc oxide (purity greater than 98%); B, sodium hydroxide; C, DE and DPE additives; D, brightener; E, water.


Maintenance and management skills: A, strictly control the concentration and ratio of zinc and alkali; B, the main additive and brightener can only be added by experience; C, pay attention to the relationship between temperature and current density; D, the distance between electrodes and Electrode layout; E, hazards and removal of impurities; F, possible faults and corrective methods.