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How To Deal Burrs Of CNC Aluminum Parts?

July 30, 2022

1. Manual deburring: use tools such as files, sandpaper, grinding heads, etc.
Disadvantages: high labor cost, low efficiency, and it is difficult to remove complex burrs on parts.
Applicable: the technical requirements for workers are not high, and it is suitable for
CNC aluminum parts with small burrs and simple product structure.


2. Grinding deburring: use vibration, sandblasting, rollers to deburr.
Disadvantages: the burrs can't be completely removed, and the residual burrs need to be processed manually or in other ways.
Applicable: suitable for large quantities 
CNC aluminum parts.


CNC aluminum parts


3. Freeze deburring: use cooling to quickly embrittle the burrs, and then spray projectiles to remove the burrs.
CNC aluminum parts with small burr wall thickness and small volume.


4. Deburring of engraving machine
Applicable: simple design CNC aluminum parts.


5. Chemical deburring: remove burrs with the principle of electrochemical reaction.
Applicable: difficult to remove internal burrs.


6. Ultrasonic deburring: ultrasonic generates instant high pressure to remove burrs.
Applicable: micro burrs.