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Nickel plated - ordinary nickel plating (dark plating)

August 23, 2023

Ordinary electroplating is also called dark nickel process. According to the performance and use of the plating solution, ordinary nickel plating can be divided into low-concentration pre-plating solution, common plating solution, Watts solution and barrel plating solution.

Pre-plating solution: After pre-plating, it can ensure good adhesion between the layer and the copper-iron substrate and the subsequent copper plating layer.

Ordinary solution: This plating solution has good conductivity and can be electroplated at a lower temperature to save energy and use

more convenient.

Watt solution: It can meet the electroplating of small parts, but the plating solution must have good conductivity and covering ability.


Plating solution preparation method:
Calculate the required chemicals according to the volume, dissolve them in hot water, mix them in a container, add distilled water to dilute to the required volume, let it stand to the required volume, let it stand for clarification, and use the siphon method or filtration method to remove the plating solution. The solution is introduced into the plating tank, and then the dissolved sodium lauryl sulfate solution is added, stirred evenly, sampled and analyzed, and after the adjustment and test plating are qualified, it can be produced.


Anode for nickel plating:
The purity of the nickel anode material is the most important condition in electroplating. The nickel content is >99%. The impure anode will cause the plating solution to be polluted and the physical properties of the plating layer will be deteriorated.

The more suitable nickel anodes in nickel plating are as follows: 1. Carbon-containing nickel anode, 2. Oxygen-containing nickel anode, 3. Sulfur-containing nickel anode.