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Performance of wire thread inserts

December 19, 2023

Wire thread inserts are a new type of connection fastening technology that can effectively improve the connection conditions during screw connections and greatly improve the reliability of screw connections. Its advantages are as follows:


1. Wire thread inserts are used in various low-strength materials, which can greatly improve the wear resistance of screw connections and avoid damage to the connecting threads.


2. Because the wire thread sleeve has a certain elasticity, it can make the load distribution on each circle of the thread more even, eliminate the pitch and tooth profile deviation between the screw and the screw hole, and absorb vibration, thus improving the connection strength and resistance of the thread fatigue strength.


3. The locking wire thread sleeve can lock the screw in the threaded hole and prevent the screw from loosening when subjected to shock and vibration. It has better technological performance than ordinary locking devices.


4. Compared with the method of inlaying steel or copper bushings, under the same strength conditions, screws with smaller size and higher strength can be used, which can reduce the size and weight.


5. The hardness of wire thread inserts is higher than that of screws, so there is less wear during the assembly and disassembly process of connecting with screws, and they can be used repeatedly. According to relevant experimental studies, the tensile strength of wire thread inserts is more than 7 times that of screws, so the wire thread inserts will not be damaged even if the screw breaks.