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Polyacetal (POM) characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, and uses

October 12, 2023


It's a crystalline thermoplastic plastic with an obvious melting point of 165~175°C. Its properties are closest to those of metal. It is generally called plastic steel.


1. High mechanical strength and rigidity.

2. High strength.

3. Good environmental resistance and resistance to organic solvents.

4. Strong resistance to repeated impacts.

5. Wide operating temperature range (-40℃~120℃).

6. Good electrical characteristics.

7. Good recovery ability.

8. Self-lubricating and good wear resistance.

9. Excellent dimensional stability.


1. If it is exposed to high temperature for a long time during processing, it is prone to thermal decomposition and has poor thermal stability. POM is not resistant to light exposure, including visible light and invisible light.

2. No self-extinguishing property.

3. Poor acid resistance and not resistant to acid erosion.

4. Large molding shrinkage rate.


Electronic appliances: washing machines, juice machine parts, timer components.

Automotive: handlebar parts, power window parts.

Industrial parts: mechanical parts, gears, handles, toys, screws.