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Reasons and solutions for bursting of PC plastic parts after fuel injection

November 20, 2023

Plastic parts made of PC materials are easy to crack after spraying (oil spraying). The common reasons and solutions are as follows:



1. The applied force within the product is not eliminated.
2. There is a problem with the thinner used in fuel injection.
3. The processing temperature is too high and the cheap PC material will be carbonized.



1. The pressure should be appropriate during the injection molding process, especially the back pressure should not be too large, which can easily cause excessive internal stress in the product, deformation and cracking. The adjustable range of injection molding is relatively small, and post-processing can also be used to relieve stress in the product. Bake the product at a certain temperature for a certain time, which can effectively remove the internal stress of the product. As for the temperature and time, just try it based on the size and thickness of your product.


2. Replace the diluent. Under the existing machine conditions, it can ensure that the glue is fully filled and molded, and the mold temperature and injection molding temperature can be reduced as much as possible.


3. Choose a PC material suitable for your product. During the fuel injection process, try not to adjust the temperature too high and keep the time as long as possible.


4. Oil injection and advanced annealing treatment to eliminate internal stress.