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Stamping services - basic concepts of stamping

November 22, 2023

Stamping: it is a forming processing method that relies on presses and molds to apply external force to plates, strips, pipes and profiles to cause plastic deformation or separation, thereby obtaining workpieces (stamping parts) of the required shape and size. Also known as sheet metal stamping processing, it is defined as "sheet metal stamping".


Stamping die: in stamping processing, a special process equipment for processing materials into parts (or semi-finished products) is called a stamping die (commonly known as a stamping die).


The blanks for stamping are mainly hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel plates and strips.


Processing objects: mainly metal sheets.


Processing basis: sheet stamping forming performance (mainly plasticity).


Processing equipment: mainly presses.


Processing technology equipment: stamping mold.


Cold stamping: separation or plastic deformation of material from press molds at room temperature.


Basic steps of stamping processing:
Since the shapes, sizes and precision of stamped parts are different, the types of processes used in stamping are also different. According to their deformation characteristics, they can be divided into two categories:


One is the separation process, which mainly includes cutting, punching, incision, trimming, etc. Its characteristic is that the external force on the sheet exceeds the shear strength, causing one part to separate from the other.


The other type is the deformation process, which mainly includes bending, drawing, forming, etc. Its characteristic is that the stress on the sheet exceeds the yield limit and is less than the strength limit, causing it to undergo plastic deformation and obtain a certain shape.


In addition, in order to improve labor productivity, two or more basic processes are often combined into one process, such as blanking and drawing, cutting and bending, punching and flanging, etc. This is called a composite process. In actual production, most of the parts produced in batches adopt composite processes.


Separation process:
The separation process refers to a stamping process in which the stress of the material exceeds the strength limit of the material under the action of stamping force, causing the material to shear or partially shear, and the workpiece or blank to separate along a certain contour. The separation process is mainly shearing or punching process.


Forming process:
The forming process refers to a processing process in which the blank relies on the mold under the action of the press to cause the stress to exceed the yield limit of the blank. After the blank is plastically deformed without breaking the blank, it becomes the required shape. The forming process mainly includes bending, drawing, forming and other processes.