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Stamping services - stamping die

November 30, 2023

Stamping die: In stamping processing, a special process equipment for processing materials into parts (or semi-finished products) is called a stamping die (commonly known as a stamping die). The mold installed on the upper platen is called the upper mold, that is, the upper mold. The mold installed in the lower mold is called the lower mold. The upper mold and the lower mold together form a mold.


Stamping machinery performs stamping processing by loading a stamping mold (hereinafter referred to as the mold).


Due to the wide variety of stamping dies, the structures are different.
According to their uses, molds can be divided into: cold stamping molds, plastic molds, die-casting molds, forging molds, powder metallurgy molds, rubber molds, ceramic molds, glass molds, metal molds for casting, etc.


According to the forming principle: there are two categories: blanking dies and cavity dies.


According to the nature of the process: there are blanking dies, punching dies, trimming dies, cutting dies, slitting dies, trimming dies, fine blanking dies, etc.


According to the combination of processes: there are single-process molds and multi-process molds. Multi-process molds are divided into continuous molds and composite molds.


According to the guide device: open mold with or without guide, guide plate mold with guide, guide column mold, guide cylinder mold, etc.


According to the unloading device: there are rigid unloading plate and elastic unloading plate die.


According to the stopper or positioning method: there are fixed stopper pins, movable stopper pins, guide pins and side edge punches.


According to the materials for manufacturing convex and concave dies: there are steel dies, carbide dies, rubber dies, zinc-based alloy dies, etc.


According to the structure: single mold, composite mold, continuous mold.


According to the methods of feeding and discharging parts: there are manual molds, semi-automatic molds, automatic molds, etc.


According to the outline size: there are large molds, medium molds and small molds.