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The structure of wire thread insert

December 21, 2023

Ordinary wire thread inserts are made of high-hardness corrosion-resistant steel wire with a diamond-shaped cross-section. They are spring-shaped concentric bodies with internal and external threads. The outer threads are screwed into the threaded grooves specially installed on the machine parts. The inner threads are It is a standard internal thread used for fastening connectors, and its cross-sectional shape is a combination of two internal and external threads. Wire thread inserts are divided into two types: ordinary type and locking type, each type has a break-off groove and a break-off groove.


The locking type is a polygonal locking ring that adds one or more turns to the ordinary screw sleeve. The elasticity of the locking ring has a braking effect on the screw. The locking wire thread insert has all the advantages of the ordinary wire thread insert and does not affect the installation of the screw. It only adds appropriate torque during installation.