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What is the accuracy of CNC machining?

April 19, 2022

Machining accuracy of the parts needs to be subdivided. Let's talk about the difference between different machining equipment for the dimensional accuracy of the equipment.


1) CNC milling accuracy


CNC machining center can process electronic product casings, heat sinks, special-shaped parts, curved workpieces and other types of parts. According to the processing direction can be divided into
climb milling and up milling, its machining accuracy is generally up to IT8~IT7, the dimensional accuracy is 0.01-0.02, and the surface finish is generally Ra6.3~1.6(For the specific finish, it can be seen that there is an introduction before, and the actual reference of the finish of the machined parts).

Aluminium CNC Milling Machining

2) Lathe accuracy


CNC machining is tool rotary motion in the lathe, and cutting tool moves in a straight line or a curve in the plane. Generally carried out on a CNC lathe to process the inner and outer circular surfaces, cylindrical surfaces, end surfaces, conical surfaces, curved surfaces, blind holes, internal threads, etc. of the workpiece. Machining accuracy of the lathe is IT8-IT7, the dimensional accuracy of the lathe is 0.01, and the surface finish is Ra1.6-0.8.

Aluminium CNC Milling Machining

3) Wire cutting machining accuracy


There are three different types of wire cutting machines, which are fast wire cutting, medium wire cutting and slow wire cutting. The following are the differences in the accuracy of the three different wire cutting machines:
Fast wire: 0.02mm precision, Ra6.3 surface finish.
Middle wire: The surface finish can reach Ra0.8-1.6.
Slow-moving wire: The precision is 0.002mm, and the finish of the processing surface can reach Ra0.2.

Aluminium CNC Milling Machining

4) Grinder machining accuracy


Grinding machine processing refers to a mechanical processing method that removes excess material on the surface of a part by grinding to achieve a higher surface finish.
Grinding machine processing is divided into cylindrical grinding, internal grinding and surface grinding, etc.
As long as the accuracy of the measuring tool is achieved, the machining accuracy of the cylindrical grinder can reach 0.001mm, and the roughness can reach Ra0.40.