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What Kinds Of Parts Suitable For Processing In CNC Machining Center

March 21, 2022

Today I will introduce 3 kinds of parts suitable for processing in CNC machining center.


1>New Design Parts

Before new products developed by enterprises or research institutes are finalized, repeated trial installations and improvements to details are required. At this time, the machining center of the machining factory is selected for trial production, which can save the complex tooling required by the general machine tool. The multi-step process can be programmed once on the computer by the machining engineer, and the program can be transferred to the CNC machine tool for integration. When there are problems in the trial production of product parts and need to be modified, the machining engineer in the workshop only needs to modify the corresponding program parameters and adjust the tooling tools appropriately, which saves costs and speeds up the proofing cycle.


CNC Machining


2>Metal And Plastic Parts

We know that most of the factories are mainly CNC equipment processing. CNC equipment processing needs to compile programs and do some preparatory work for fixtures, and the time for programming and preparing fixtures and tools is called preparation time. In the process of CNC machining of parts, the preparation time is often dozens of times of the machining time on the part (this is also the reason for the high cost of single-piece proofing). These characteristics of CNC machining centers are summed up to be more suitable for outsourced machining parts tasks that are put into production periodically, because in the first machining, the machining factory only needs to store the work in the preparation time, and use it repeatedly for subsequent machining. The re-commissioning time is shortened, the processing cost is also reduced, and the consistency of the product is effectively guaranteed.


3> High Accuracy Parts

CNC machining centers have the characteristics of high machining accuracy and stable quality.

We always meet some batch parts with high machining accuracy. If we choose a machining center to machining, we can well meet the machining dimensional accuracy, position, shape and other accuracy requirements required by the drawings. Many non-standard parts need to be assembled and used, but the parts produced by the machining center have high dimensional consistency and good interchangeability, which can give us a good experience in the process of assembly and customers.