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What's The Technological Scopes Of CNC machining?

April 14, 2022

1) Process Parts Outer Circle


The outer part is a basic machining method. During CNC machining, the part where the turning tool is installed and extends out of the tool holder should be short. Generally no more than 1-1.5 times the handle. The tool of the lathe should be the same height as the axis of the workpiece, and the tool holder should be the axis of the workpiece. About vertical, so you can ensure the angle of the turning tool. During CNC machining, the fixtures for workpieces commonly include three-jaw chucks and four-jaw chucks, plate etc. The machining accuracy can reach about IT13-IT6.


cnc machining


2) Process Of Part's Hole


Almost all non-standard customized parts have holes, such as smooth holes, threaded holes, through holes, and blind holes. Drills, reamers and other tools can be used to machine these holes on the machining lathe, and the inner hole turning tool can also be used to machine the holes. The end face and outer circle of the part should be processed in one clamping as much as possible, so that the accuracy of the machine tool can be used to ensure positional accuracy of mechanical lathe parts.


cnc machining


3) Process Parts End Faces And Steps


For the processing of the end face and steps of the gyratory body, a chuck is usually used to clamp and position the workpiece, when the lathe processes the steps, it is necessary to take into account the size of the outer circle and the position of the end face. The size of the steps needs to be realized by different lathe processing techniques.