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Wire thread insert

December 18, 2023

Wire thread inserts are also called threaded thread inserts, or wire inserts for short. It is an insert developed to protect non-ferrous metal threaded holes and is suitable for threaded connections. Screw and tighten it into the threaded hole of one of the connected parts to form a standard internal thread, and the bolt (or screw) is then screwed into it. The spiral coil is made of cold-rolled stainless steel wire with internal and external concentric threads. The cross section is diamond-shaped and similar in shape to a coil spring. It has high hardness and good surface roughness. Use special taps and installation tools for tapping and installation when installing wire thread inserts. The thread insert is placed in the screw hole or nut, which can reduce the uneven stress on the thread teeth and resist impact vibration. It can improve the fatigue strength of the thread and reduce the wear and tear of the thread. Wear and corrosion resistance, extending screw hole life.