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Wire thread insert installation tool

December 26, 2023

Special tools for wire thread inserts are required to install wire thread inserts, including special taps for wire thread inserts, wire thread insert installation wrench, puncher, socket remover and wire thread insert internal thread bottom hole plug gauge. Among them, the tap is used to process the installation thread bottom hole of the wire thread insert, the installation wrench is used for the installation of the wire thread insert, and the punching gauge the breaker is used for punching out the installation tail shank, the sleeve remover is used for disassembling the threaded sleeve, and the bottom hole plug gauge is used for inspecting the installation bottom hole.


1. Bottom hole tap: used for processing the internal thread of the wire thread insert. Since the external thread of the wire thread insert is a non-standard thread, there is a difference in size between this tap and the ordinary M tap.


2. Installation wrench: used to install the wire screw sleeve in the threaded bottom hole. The basic principle is to make the wire screw sleeve pass through a guide thread, forcing the outer diameter of the wire screw sleeve to shrink so that it can be smoothly installed into the bottom hole. It is divided into manual types. and automatic type.


3. Breaker: the main purpose of the breaker is to break the installation handle of the wire thread sleeve. Especially for through holes, the installation handle must be broken.


4. Sleeve remover: used to remove the wire thread sleeve installed in the threaded hole of the base body. The thread sleeve needs to be replaced for long-term use, and when it needs to be removed due to improper installation or thread skipping during installation use.


5. Thread plug gauge: used to detect the bottom hole of the internal thread of the wire thread insert. After the wire thread insert is installed, the accuracy of the internal thread formed depends on the profile manufacturing tolerance of the wire thread insert and the quality of the internal thread bottom hole of the wire thread insert tolerance.